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A national directory of supervised visitation resources.

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    (ID: 1309)
Midwest Supervised Visitation
Location: Minneapolis, MN   (map)
Phone / FAX: 612-598-3035 / 302-341-9087
Service Area: Service area to Metro Area
Agency: Midwest Supervised Visitation
Agency Phone/FAX: 612-390-0139 / 302-341-9087
Address: 910 25th Avenue S
 Minneapolis, MN 55406
Agency Email:
Provider Link:
Standard Fee: $50 / hour
Sliding Scale? Yes
Languages: English
Onsite/Offsite: Offsite only
Years Experience: 11
Holidays: Yes
Intake Procedure: Please call for intake information.
Provider Notes: I have a formal intake procedure and fee schedule that can be provided upon request.

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ralphFeb 22nd, 2016 12:29pm
Me and my ex-wife filed a complaint to Tiffini about her employee and "best friend" Renee Thurston. They contacted me in January 2016 to tell me that "if I do not rescind my complaint I will be sued for slander". They told me that they have a lawyer and that I better say my ex-wife forced me to sign the complaint or they will come after me. I stand by my complaint and strongly encourage anyone to use a different company than Midwest. It is just 2 people and there is no way to even complain to anyone.
jillFeb 22nd, 2016 12:23pm
In Dec 2015 I sent a formal letter of complaint to Tiffini about her only employee Renee Thurston. Instead of investigating the horrible and illegal things Renee did, her response was to threaten to sue me and my ex-husband. They said if my ex and I did not take back our complaint that we filed together with the State of MN they would sue him for slander. Unfortunately these two know the system and parenting time supervisors are not subject to ANY ethics board and are not managed AT ALL by any state or county organization. Be warned: Tiffini and her friend Renee Thurston can basically do whatever they want and you have no legal recourse to even complain. We suggest using a different company that has some oversight or other employees like a legitimate company.
Jared SayApr 6th, 2013 4:38pm
Tiff I'm really happy your out for my son and what he deserves not out for just the mother or just out for me but what my son deserves Time with me and I all ways have fun with my son and I love my son with all my heart and you can see that every time you see me with him and I hope we can still be friends after everything is done and see my son grow up.
Thomas CarlsonDec 18th, 2012 11:33am
Be very careful when using her services. She will totally lie in court if given the chance to help women. She flat out lied during our Court date. I also suggest you look into her background and the history of her past marriage. I can't believe this person is allowed to be a parenting time supervisor after what she had done. Just be very aware. Do your homework when dealing with this person

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